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  Sailing Charters Destinations

With extensive experience in sailing and hospitality, Emerald Yachting offers private and semi-private charters from Sardegnia, Sicily and The Tuscan Archipelago in Italy and Menorca in Spain With our elegant sailing boats we provide a wide selection of unparalleled sailing cruises for all types of travellers. Whether travelling with friends, family or your significant other, we promises an unforgettable experience with professionalism, excellence and outstanding value!

Image by Luke Bender

Charter-ready for sailing around the renowned waters of Menorca, Sardinia, Sicily or Tuscan Archipelago, our sailing fleet provides the perfect choices for private groups to escape the crowds. Join us and snorkel, watch the sunset, enjoy some drinks, learn to sail, celebrate a special occasion, or just lay back and relax. We can customise the perfect trip to make your dreams come true.

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