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With more than 30 years of sailing experience and with the cooperation of our partners, we expand our destinations to bring our clients the option to choose the perfect sailing experience in the most desirables destinations in Europe. 

Over the course of these 30 years we have grown by working day after day with passion and professionalism. 

Our main goal is to transmit the passion and culture of sailing to our clients, offering a totally personalised experience .

At Emerald Yachting, we want everyone to enjoy their sailing as much as we do and there’s if you love the thrill of the chase, then add a twist to your daily charter. Throughout the year Emerald Yachting not only runs charters, but we also have a high profile at a number of renowned open events. Get on board and join us in an exciting experience of a lifetime event.

Image by Ross  Tinney

From 2024 we launch the co-owner program that make the manage and ownership of your boat easier and flexible.

 From private ownership to charter management programs and yacht brokerage, we offer end-to-end professional consultancy and a panel of innovative solutions.

Our Company Headquarters

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