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America's Cup 2024 Calendar

August 22: Opening Ceremony

The official opening ceremony of the America's Cup in Barcelona will be held on August 22 and it promises to be an exceptional event to experience directly on the water. It will be exciting to admire the atmosphere and excitement surrounding the kickstart of this historic competition.

August 22 - 25: Final Preliminary Regatta

The journey to the Louis Vuitton 37th America’s Cup in Barcelona begins with the Preliminary Regattas that will serve as warm-up races ahead of the Louis Vuitton Cup (Challenger Selection Series).

August 29 - October 7: Louis Vuitton Cup

The Louis Vuitton Cup (Challenger Selection Series) is the pivotal event that decides the team that will be challenging the Defender, Team New Zealand, in the 37th America’s Cup Final Regatta. This series comprises both a Round Robin stage and a Final stage. The Round Robin stage may involve either a single or double round, depending on the number of eligible competitors and the available racing time. The two winning teams from this stage will secure a spot in the Final, where the ultimate winner is determined.

September 10 - 26: Youth America's Cup

The Youth America’s Cup commences with six days of practice from September 10th to 15th, 2024, followed by fleet racing starting on September 17th, with twelve teams divided into invited and Louis Vuitton 37th America’s Cup teams. Eight races will be held in the opening qualification rounds for each group, with the top three teams from each advancing to the Final Series, featuring four races to determine the top two boats. The Youth America’s Cup Final is scheduled for September 26th, featuring a winner-takes-all Match Race.

September 28 - October 13: Puig Women's America's Cup

The Puig Women’s America’s Cup begins immediately after the Youth America’s Cup, starting with a briefing on September 28th, followed by practice days until October 3rd. Racing commences on October 5th, with invited and America's Cup teams divided into two groups. The Semifinal round consists of four fleet races where the top three boats from both groups advance. The Final on October 13th, culminates in a one-on-one Match Race between the top two teams.

October 12 - 27: 37th America's Cup Final

The race with no second place. Either you win or you lose, and it has been like this for over 170 years. In October, the Defender Emirates Team New Zealand

will confront the victor of the Louis Vuitton Cup (Challenger Selection Series) in a 13-race Match. Each race will be a head-to-head contest between the two teams, with the winner earning one point and the loser gaining none. The team that accumulates seven points first will be the winner of the 37th America's Cup and the Defender of the 38th America’s Cup.

October 3 - 11: J Class Yachts

During the America's Cup, the J Class has been invited to host their World Championships in Barcelona from October 7th to 11th, with a practice regatta on October 3rd and 4th. The impressive fleet includes Topaz (J8), Ranger (J5), Svea (JS1), Velsheda (JK7), Shamrock V (JK3), Rainbow (JKZ1), Hanuman (JK6) and Lionheart (JH1). These sailboats will be stationed in Port Vell and will showcase the epitome of sailing and racing excellence

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