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Image by Ante Hamersmit

 Sailing Charter in Sicily


Image by Luca N

Our base in Palermo is 72 NM from the Aeolian Islands and, in order to best enjoy this crossing, we recommend a regenerating stop in the picturesque Cefalù (32 NM from our Palermo marina), an enchanting medieval village "Unesco Heritage".
It is a former fishing town which, with its golden beaches and the scents of the typical dishes that inebriate the streets of the city, will relax and fascinate you.
Unmissable places to visit in Cefalù are:
1. The seafront
2. The former medieval washhouse in Via Vittorio Emanuele
3. Porta Pescara
4. Bastion of Capo Marchiafava
5. The Cathedral
6. The Rocca of Cefalù

The archipelago of the Aeolian Islands takes its name from Aeolus, the Greek god of the winds who made his home of the seven islands scattered along the north-eastern coast of Sicily. The "seven pearls of the Mediterranean", so defined for their extraordinary natural beauty (named a "World Heritage Site" by UNESCO), are islands of volcanic origin with unique peculiarities.

The Aeolian Islands, due to their geographical positioning, are the ideal destination for a traveling holiday of even a few days; they have fascinating geophysical features (two of the islands are active volcanoes!) and boast a rich history with myriad Greek myths and legends.
Finally, they are the ideal place to relax on large beaches, admire breathtaking views, take walks in the mountains and along the coast, let yourself be seduced by appetizing cuisine and truly delicious desserts and wines.

Our Base & Schedules

            Our Base is located in Marina di Villa Igiea

           Porto Acquasanta – 90142 Palermo


           GPS                                                                VHF Channel

           38°08'62” N                                                   74
            13°22'37” E

            Weather forecast:                                    FUEL
            VHF Channel 68
            (24 hours a day)



            Check In: 17 pm 

            Check Out: 9 am 


Our Fleet in Sicily

Image by Luca N


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