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Image by Patrick Langwallner

 Sailing Charter in Tuscan Archipelago 


Image by Bastian Riccardi

There are seven major islands (Elba, Giglio, Giannutri, Capraia, Pianosa, Gorgona and Montecristo),  to be enjoyed by the sea during the summer for those who love snorkelling, diving and dolphin and whale watching. Because here we are in the Sanctuary of the Cetaceans.

There are those who adore it for its sea, those for its hiking and mountain biking trails, those for its history, and those for its natural beauty. What is certain is that the island of Elba deserves to be visited in every season - there is no such thing as a real winter there - to appreciate its striking vegetation, its highlands and every one of its turquoise-bottomed inlets.

Opposite Mount Argentario, Giglio is a mountainous, verdant island with steep slopes among which are some beautiful beaches: Arenella and Cannelle, not far from Giglio Porto, while the large beach of Campese is on the other side.

Capraia can be reached by taking a public ferry service from Livorno and then walking along a path that makes it possible to circumnavigate the island in 4-5 hours, with stops at several bays where you can swim, and long beautiful stretches along the sheer cliffs.

An untamed island and unspoilt nature reserve, Montecristo is today completely uninhabited, but there was a time when, around the 7th century AD, it was home to a community of monks, and the ruins of their church and abbey can be still seen today.

Gorgona is the smallest of the islands in the Tuscan Archipelago and has been a penitentiary since 1860. It can only be visited with guided tours departing from the port of Livorno organised by the Prison Administration in agreement with the park.

The name reveals that the island, unlike its sister islands in the Tuscan archipelago, is flat, and its coasts are low-lying and shaped by the sea into many extremely beautiful inlets.

Pianosa, home to a penitentiary until 1996, and therefore inaccessible for many years, has retained its biodiversity, and its seabed is covered with extensive posidonia meadows.

Our Base & Schedules

            Our Base is located in Marina di Scarlino

           Lungomare Giuseppe Garibaldi, 2, 58020 Scarlino GR


           GPS                                                                VHF Channel

           42° 53'22” N                                                  72
           10° 47'27” E

            Weather forecast:                                    FUEL
            VHF Channel 68
            (24 hours a day)



            Check In: 17 pm 

            Check Out: 9 am 


Our Fleet in Tuscany

Image by Werner Schuster


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